South College has a main campus and a learning site in Knoxville. The main campus is located at 3904 Lonas Drive and the learning site is located at 400 Goody's Lane.

Each South College site is accessible to persons with disabilities.

The South College library facilities provide comfortable study areas for students and faculty. The library collection includes general and reference books, pamphlets, periodicals, multi-media software, online services, and other non-print media that supports the college's curricula. To keep the collection current, outdated books are removed and new books are added each year. The library's resources include computer workstations with access to WESTLAW, a national legal research network, full-text periodical databases, medical databases, and the Internet.

Student break areas with access to a variety of vending machines and a microwave are available to students. South College is a smoke-free campus with smoking only allowed in personal vehicles. The college bookstore is located at the main campus. Students may purchase books, selected supplies, and clothing. Regular hours of operation are posted.

The classes at South College are normally conducted in the day, afternoon, and evening hours Monday through Saturday. However, class hours on Sunday may be required. The first day classes on campus normally begin at 8:00-8:30 a.m. and evening classes at 5:30-6:00 p.m. (unless otherwise specified by the college). Clinical/internship/practicum/student teaching hours may begin at alternate times and may vary depending on the location of the experience. Instructors are available during specified times to assist students. Lab schedules are posted each quarter and will vary from quarter to quarter. Students' schedules will vary according to their individual program and are subject to change.

Online Learning

South College also offers online learning. If this is something you are interested in, learn more here.

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