Jun 15

Student Highlight: Adam Hatcher

Learn more about why South College student Adam Hatcher took time off to work before he went to college.

South College student Adam Hatcher took time off to work before he went to college. Learn more about his journey today!

What program are you in, and why did you choose that program?

I am in the accounting program, a specialization of the business administration program. I chose this area of study because this field gives me a wide choice of careers. I have always done well with business and math, and this combination of both just made sense to me.

Did you come to South College after working, raising a family, etc.? Or did you come straight out of high school? Describe that journey.

I came to South College after a string of events. I went to college originally straight out of high school with the intent of majoring in musical performance with a concentration in theoretical studies. I was not prepared to for college at that point, so I decided to gain some experience and maturity by joining the work force full-time. After working for 10 years, I felt it was time to try school again. This time, I had a better understanding of what I wanted, and I was more driven to succeed.

Why did you choose South College?

I didn’t choose South College, but instead it, in a way, chose me. I was looking for a new job, and a pop up jumped out at me to go back to school. I filled out the ad, and I got a phone call an hour later from a recruiter looking to place me in a school. I told them I was interested in accounting, and they recommended South College. I went for an interview and an entrance exam a few days later. I was extremely impressed with the ease of the whole process, from getting a loan for tuition to setting up my schedule. After meeting with my advisor Dr. Kristina Kushnir, I was sold.

What was your favorite part of your studies at South College? 

I have enjoyed that so much of what I have learned directly applies to my life already. I will learn something one day, and that same day I am using that knowledge at work.

What is your goal after you graduate this year? 

My goal is to take the CPA exam and become a public accountant.

Do you have any advice for future students who might be in your same position? 

Going to school is a chance to change and improve your life. Everything here can make you better, from what you learn to the people you meet. Make the best of your chance by soaking up what the professors say and by enjoying those around you.

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