Nov 6

Nursing Alumna Highlight: Lisa Farmer

Meet South College nursing graduate Lisa Farmer.

Nursing school alumna Lisa Farmer is the perfect example of a South College, non-traditional student with a career she wanted to advance. After being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for 14 years while raising her children, Lisa knew that she wanted to further her education in nursing.

Lisa is a fast-paced go-getter and did not want to waste any time once she decided to get her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She found South College’s bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) to be the best fit for her because of the accelerated pace of the program.

“I was ready to move forward and I wanted to do it as quickly as possible,” she said. “I liked the accelerated program because you didn’t spend a really long time on one subject. A couple weeks of class, you take a test and you move on.”

Farmer says that South College is unique because of the small class sizes.

“You never feel like part of a headcount, and you can have conversations with your professors. I don’t think other schools give you the personal touch South College does.”

As a non-traditional student, Lisa felt welcomed on the South College campus.

“I had a good time during the whole experience. I met people and made friends, but more than that I liked school.”

After her time at South College, Farmer went on to teach nursing at LMU and began working toward her master’s in nursing. During her preceptorship, Lisa discovered a passion for working as a psychiatric and mental health nurse and now holds this position at a correctional facility. You can hear it in her voice – Lisa Farmer has found her dream job.

“I love my job now. I like the patient interaction. I have freedom with my hours as a nurse practitioner, and I could not ask for a better job. As a nurse practitioner, I diagnose and prescribe medication to patients.”

Farmer now works in prison intake, making sure that diagnosis and prescriptions are accurate and up to date.

Looking back on her time at South College, Farmer sees furthering education in an accelerated program as an opportunity for people to get their life started, instead of spending four to five years attempting a degree.

What is her advice to non-traditional students thinking about going back to school?

“Be ready to be dedicated,” she said. “With the accelerated program it is all about school. You will have a lot of time commitments, but it will be well worth it when you get to the end of the road. You have to be focused, and you’ll make it through.”

Lisa Farmer’s story of perseverance and advancement is why South College strives to meet every student where they are and help them get to where they want to be. If you have always wanted to further your education but did not know how or where to start, then South College is the right fit for you. We would be happy to help you decide. Contact us today!   

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