Online Learning

Online learning is generally described as an educational environment in which there is a physical separation between the student and the instructor. Computer-mediated communication, collaboration and assessment tools are used to disseminate course materials, promote interaction and evaluate students’ learning. South College uses the learning management system, Moodle, to support the delivery of hybrid and online learning programs and courses. Online learning classes are driven by student learning outcomes and designed using sound pedagogical principles in online teaching, learning and assessment.

Students enrolled in online learning programs and courses are held to the same high academic standards and have similar educational experiences as students taking on-campus courses. Course lectures may appear in written form or written form enhanced with multimedia (i.e., narrated presentations, audio clips, video components, including lectures and screen captures). In addition to lectures, course materials may include online discussion forums and chats, collaborative learning and group work, quizzes and assessments, student presentations, writing assignments, readings, web-based research and other activities as identified by the faculty member.