An Articulation Agreement is a formal agreement between South College and another institution documenting transfer agreement for a specific academic program.  This agreement simplifies transfer and provides a pathway for students completing a specific degree or list of courses at another institution to a program at South College. 

South College has articulation transfer agreements with the following institutions:  

Blue Ridge Community College

Prerequisite Courses for Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) and Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Chattanooga State Community College

AS to BS Nursing

Middle Tennessee State University

3+1 Agreement for Doctor of Pharmacy

Milligan College

Guaranteed Interview Agreement for Doctor of Pharmacy

Pellissippi State Community College

AS to BS Nursing

AS Teaching to BS Elementary Education (K-5)

Guaranteed Interview Agreement for Doctor of Pharmacy

 Roane State Community College

AS to BS Nursing

AAS PTA to BS Health Science (Post-PTA)

Southwestern Community College

PTA to BS Health Science (Post-PTA)

Paralegal Technology to BS Legal Studies

Radiography to BS Radiological Sciences


Specific Policies and Academic Regulations

You must satisfy all other academic regulations of the program, major, degree, school/department, and college standards (such as grade point average, satisfactory academic progress, professional behavior, progression, and graduation requirements).  

  1. The articulation agreement/course listing in place at the time of enrollment at South College will determine your progress toward associated baccalaureate degree completion.
  2. You must apply for participation in the articulated program while enrolled at a two-year institution. Two-year institutions will note on your transcript that the associate degree or set of prerequisite courses were completed according to the transfer plan.
  3. If you do not complete an associate degree, South College will evaluate your transcript on a course-by-course basis.
  4. When entering South College, students must meet the standards and follow the procedures outlined in the catalog:

For questions about transfer agreements or articulation, please contact the Office of Registrar at your campus of enrollment.


Undergraduate – Credit for transfer work may be given if it was taken at an accredited collegiate institution, if it is equivalent to courses offered at South College, and if it carries a grade of C or better. Any coursework older than seven years, regardless of the institution at which it was taken, may be denied transfer credit due to the material being determined outdated. This also applies to courses taken at South College/Knoxville Business College/South College-Asheville. Transfer credit will not be given for developmental courses such as basic mathematics or English, or for skills courses such as keyboarding. Other skill courses completed, such as computer courses and medical lab courses, will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students should consult with the Registrar about questions related to acceptance of transfer credits. The institution reserves the right to request additional information about any courses requested for transfer evaluation.

Credits earned in non-accredited programs or at vocational institutions will not be accepted. Students transferring from such institutions may attempt to earn credit through the credit by examination process. South College does not award credit for experiential learning or for professional certification.

Acceptance of credits earned at other institutions is limited to 60% of the total hours required for the particular degree or certificate program. Credit for transfer work may not be awarded until the applicable official transcripts are received by South College.

The college reserves the right to reject any or all credits from other institutions regardless of their accreditation status. The college reserves the right to refuse transfer credit for courses if the student’s subsequent grades in required courses in the same subject fall below a 2.0 average.

Graduate – Policies for the acceptance of any graduate level transfer credit are determined by the associated program faculty within guidelines determined by the institution. Please review information in the section of the catalog dedicated to the program.  

Transfer Specifications and Timelimits (By Course)